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HC Consulting LLC

Our core sectors of expertise are business registration, bookkeeping, tax filling & consulting, and real estate investment.


Tax Filling & Consulting-Income Tax and Payroll Tax


We provide full U.S. income tax preparation services for individuals and businesses of any size. Through well-versed planning, in-depth research, and strategies formed through weighing all the considerations of your particular situation, reliable decisions for your tax returns will be delivered to you. 

To an individual client, our tax professionals can help you to legally minimize U.S. income and estate taxes, as well as maximize the benefit of crossing countries. To a business client, we aim to ease your tax complexities and allow you to focus on your business goals. We continually reevaluate previously implemented tax strategies to ensure that they provide the most benefit to you while complying with any new tax regulations.


HC Consulting LLC
Telephone: 303-243-2407
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